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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

              Best Galleries in Manhattan POP!
        Pop International Galleries, Inc.

Romero Britto Heart Sculpture

Pop International Galleries, Inc.
473 West Broadway
New York, NY
T. 212.533.4262 F.212.533.6553

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Last night Leo and I walked about the streets of SoHo in the rain and quickly popped into POP INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES, Inc. on West Broadway.
The gallery lit up Leo's eyes with the playful works and vibrant colors!
The NYC gallerists, though busy with a buyer looking at high priced works, were kind and welcoming to us. One curator took the time to educate my son on Pop Artist Peter Mars. I am grateful to gallery owners/ art lovers/ art curators like these New Yorkers that that engage in the young. I believe it is through galleries like these,  the spirit of POP ART is kept ALIVE!!!! 
The playfulness of Pop Art --- especially Romero Britto's eye candy to collectors with millions and to children alike. Leo and I also walked by Britto's large-scale Apple sculpture at La Guardia Airport American Airlines terminal the other day- Immediately he connected with Pop International Galleries in SoHo. 
......because of the inviting smiles, zesty colors, electrifying art and kindness that pulled us in from the rain, I promote and thank this gallery on my facebook and here on my blog this morning!
I am constantly movin' about this beautiful city of ours always finding
 warm hearts through the arts wherever I go.

            Leo wants me to add here that his favorite artist 
(second to his mom) ;-) 
is Peter Mars! 


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