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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Sorry For Interrupting You Love"
‎"Sorry For Interrupting You Love" 2011

36 x 36 
mixed media on canvas

Jennifer Contini Enderby

Truth: I have been living in Brooklyn, NY for only two months-- 
and I am lovin' the warmth of the people and the cool vibe on this Island. I wonder why it took me so long to move my studio space and home to this wonderful Borough??!! Excited to see how my work evolves once I am completely set up in my Red Hook studio. 
My latest piece: 
"Sorry For Interrupting You Love" 
painted last month Sept. 2011 here in BKLYN came to me so quickly... took me 48 hrs to complete. 
God is using my hands and heart to paint and create. 
 I am only His tool to spread His beauty. 
and so- i paint
and i paint quickly
even on empty
it's God's way
He draws me closer  
The Holy Spirit 
holds me down
raises me up
and once again
the Lord surprises me with outcomes:
(This painting was selected for the SNBA 2011 in Paris at Carrousel du Louvre)
Stay tuned followers of my blog.........
"DoWnToWn GIRL" is seein' ORANGE!!!!


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